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Because Life is Beautiful

Bruce, the artist 

All Occasion Photo LV had its beginnings almost 40 years ago when a young man decided that he had to capture all the wonder  that he saw around him. When most young boys were tinkering with their toys, Bruce was asking for cameras and equipment.  There was rarely a time when he did not have a camera or cameras around his neck.  Even at his wedding, in 1986, he brought along his trusted friend and truthfully, his images are the best ones captured that day.  

Bruce found a way to incorporate his love of pictures into his career as a civil engineer. His images of work sites were always a great asset to other engineers and were often included in final proposals.  He was also the go to photographer for everything from corporate head shots to the holiday party. 

The business was actually born in Derry, New Hampshire about 25 years ago. It was indeed a pleasure to capture the magnificence of the Granite State. All Occasion specialized in weddings back then and some of the images that  you see on this site are from that time.  Things sure were different when we had to worry about how many rolls of film we needed to bring along. 

Of course, his favorite subjects over the years, have been his two sons, Nicholas and Christopher but it was the birth of his beloved grandson, Logan that brought out the true artist in Bruce.  These days he revels in helping other families save the precious moments of laughter, tears, silly faces and the extraordinary in the ordinary.   

We hope that you will let us capture your today to preserve for your tomorrow.